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The California Film Commission film permit application must be submitted on-line at The first step to complete the application is to create an account by selecting the "Create an Account" button on the login screen shown below.

The user will then be prompted to create an account and be asked to enter his or her name, phone number(s) and email address.

Permit Services and other authorized representatives should use their own personal information for the purpose of creating an account. The application system allows a single account holder to create, edit, submit, and have access to multiple applications.

For security reasons, the CFC requires an access key process each time a user logs into his or her account. Thus, each time a user wishes to log into his or her account, the user must enter his or her email address in the “Email” field at, and then click on the “Email key” button.

A six-digit access key will be e-mailed to the user’s email address. The user then simply copies the access key from his or her email and pastes it into the required text box on the CA Film Commission film permit application site to gain access to his or her account. A new access key is needed each time a user logs into his or her account. For security reasons, access codes expire after 30 minutes.  If the access code expires prior to the user logging into his or her account, the user will need to repeat the login process and obtain a new access key.

NOTE: Some email servers with aggressive SPAM/virus protection can delay delivery of the email. If the delay is greater than 30 minutes, the user will not be able to log in. There are two possible solutions:

1) If the user is using his or her employer’s email system, the user may request the employer’s IT team to allow emails from to be immediately delivered and/or add this email address to a “trusted” list; or

2) The user may use an alternative email provider (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) that does not have the same delivery delays.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: Why didn’t I receive an access code?

A: Make sure that the email being used is the same email address that is contained in the account profile.  Also, check the spam filters as the email might have been blocked.

Q: How do I edit my profile?

A: The profile can be edited at any time by clicking on the account user name in the top-right corner of the application and selecting "edit my profile." Note: changing the email address will change the email address required for login purposes.


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